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As your local water utility provider, we strive to keep you continually updated on all matters related to your water service. Subscribe to our website and receive News delivered to your email inbox. We have four different areas that we service Area A,B,C and D. Here is a list of where they are located.

Bills are due on the 20th of each month.

Our monthly board meeting will be on September 28,2022 @ 9:00 am at our office location.

We service four different areas/ routes, here is a list below.

Area A (01) includes Highway 743,Toulouse Road,Boudar,Emonet,Nezat Road,Ortego Lane, Flossie Lane and West Teche Lane.

Area B (02) includes Alex Stoute, John Addie,Saquette,Paul Beniot,Pile Ridge Road,Mound Hope, Cajun, Spike,Lalu,Silver Rose, Gentry Drive,Rayne Road, Highway 359,Highway 103  & Will Landry Road.

Area C  (03) includes Courtableau, Bo Grand, Mouille,Juniors, Pappy Earl, Clayton, Matthew,Bill Lloyd Lane,Murphy Gaudet, Quebedeaux & O G Track Road.

Area D  (04) includes Pernie Bailey,Bayou, Lahaye,Kennison,Bayou Gerimond South & North Side, Highway 190,Aymond, Cypress View Lane,Dupre,John Chance,Pitre,Martinez,Spillway,Shady Camp,Current Lake Lane, Spillway Road, Blue Boat Lane, Levee Landing Lane,Woodlawn Road,Raintree Lane,Redwood Lane,Oakside Lane,Elm Lane,Pinehaven Road,Waterfront Road,Possum Hollow Road, Misty Creek Road, Buzzard's Roost,Lakeshore Drive, 3-Mile Avenue,Timber Drive,Hickory Street,Pecan Street,Walnut Street,Camelia Lane,Wisteria Lane, Magnolia Street,Maple Street,Plum Street,Cottonwood Street,Moss Street,Tupula, Spruce,Azalea,Pine Street,Oak Lane,,Willow Lane,Birch Street,Cypress Lane,Boxwood Street, Gum Street,Front Street, Two O'Clock,, South 3-Mile Avenue,Wilson Lane,Old Highway 190, Middle Lane & North Wilderness.